This is the homepage of FM+AM'2010, the 2nd international workshop on formal and agile methods in software engineering. In the year 2009, FM+AM'09 was hosted by the ICFEM'2009 conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. In the year 2010 our workshop has found its place under the roof of the SEFM'2010 conference in Pisa, Italy.

Formal methods and agile methods are often regarded as antagonists in the world of software engineering. The situation is somewhat similar to making radio - one can send the signals with frequency modulation (FM), or one can send the waves with amplitude modulation (AM). In the world of software engineering, formal methods (FM) place strong emphasis on the correctness of software development, whereas agile methods (AM) place strong emphasis on the velocity of software development.

The aim of this workshop was to seek and to discuss novel ideas about combining FM and AM in the domain of software development, with the goal of making formally sound development methods faster, and rapid methods of development more formally sound. This goal could be approached in various different ways, for example by providing tool support to an 'agile' software development group, or by adopting 'agile' practices such as pair work into the domain of formal modelling.

WORKSHOP PROGRAMME - Published in Volume 179 of Lecture Notes in Informatics, 2010

  • Invited Lecture by Peter Gorm Larsen : ARE FORMAL METHODS READY FOR AGILITY?
  • Agile Formality - A Mole of Software Verification Practices
  • A New Model-Based Testing Message that can better handle Underspecification and Iterative Refinement
  • State-based Coverage Analysis and UML-driven Equivalence Checking for C++ State Machines
  • Experience with Formal Analysis of Agile Design of SOA